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Projekt JTi by Leen Customs

Model projektJTi
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All Limited Edition Pins sets are One ( 1 ) per household ! ! !

If two ( 2 ) or more are ordered your order will be canceled and you will be refunded -20% restocking fee.

dubNation's 2000 VW GTi 1.8T w/Jetta Front End

An exclusive collaboration with Leen Customs & dub-Nation. This VW pin has been added to Leen Customs Pin Garage Collection.

Each pin in this Limited 500 piece production run is individually numbered on the back making them exclusive to that specific variant model.  Once numbered, that specific pin will not be crafted again!

Projekt JTi - Pin Highlights

  • Limited 500 Piece Production run
  • Individually Numbered XXX/500
  • Size Each Pin: Approximately 1.5" x 0.75"
  • Process: Soft Enamel
  • Metal Finish: Black Dye Metal
  • Double black rubber pin clutch


All Limited Edition Pins are One ( 1 ) per household ! ! !

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